Prenatal Classes – Empowered Birth

Prenatal classes – Empowered Birth
 Moms and their birthing partners who want their customized prenatal courses offered to them in the comfort of their own homes. These courses are one of a kind. During the first course, we will discuss the many different options available to you for your birth, as well as scheduled C-sections, possible induction, vaginal delivery, natural birth and more. You will be provided with unbiased information so that you may make the best decision for you and your family. The remaining courses will be tailored to your wants and needs accordingly.
First 1h30 Class:

      • Pregnancy: Body changes, hormones, common ailments, nutrition

Second 1h30 Class:

      • Birthing options
      • Understanding the risk and benefits of medical intervention
      • Develop your own birthing plan
      • Dealing with contractions and birthing pains: what to expect
      • Preparing for a c-section and the after care

Third 1h00 Class:

      • Breastfeeding or bottle feeding: Which is best for me
      • Tips, hacks, and advice for breastfeeding success
      • Understanding the basics of bottle feeding (For those who wish not to breastfeed)
      • Baby diapers and nasty rashes
      • Baby ailments

Your in-person customized prenatal class: 389$ per couple (Private Class)

Cut your costs by having friends join in: Only 39$ more for each additional couple.

Your telehealth prenatal courses: 250$ per couple (Private class)


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Our services may be covered by your insurer and your employer health account, please contact us for more information. All of our prices are taxe free, and are taxe deductible at the end of the year.