Baby on Board

Baby on Board

Dream of a water birth? We can help make that happen.

The health conscious pregnant mama who wants to ensure she optimizes the health and development of her unborn child through prenatal vitamins, nutrition, exercise and more. In your own personalized maternity plan we will revise what is important to you in planning your birth. Our expert nurses will provide you with information regarding your birthing options, from what health care professionals are available to you, where you can give birth to achieve your desired experience, and how you can make decisions regarding your birth experience in real-time and based on the latest and safest recommendations in maternity care.
  • Monthly access to our wonderful patient portal where you can contact your expert online maternity nurse through secure instant messaging with any questions or concerns you may have throughout your pregnancy
  • Pre-consultation intake form sent through the patient portal
  • Consultation with an expert online nurse to assess your individualized needs
  • Customized birth plan: With whom, and where you can achieve your dream birth. Specific information, tips, and hacks on making your dream come true. How to advocate for your birthing experience.
  • A customized maternity plan including:
            • Exercise do’s and don’t
            • Nutrition do’s and don’t
            • Prenatal testing – understanding it and do you need it
            • Understanding prenatal vitamins and iron deficiency
            • Managing nausea and/or vomiting
            • Managing first trimester fatigue
            • Pregnant with a toddler hacks
            • preparing for the postpartum period
            • And more
  • Presentation of your customized pregnancy plan consultation, answering all of your questions and concerns, and discussing your available resources.
  • Follow-up calls every 2 weeks throughout your pregnancy to answer any concerns or questions you may have and discuss your baby’s development
  • Monthly consultations to discuss your pregnancy, symptoms you may have, prenatal testing, as well as you baby’s development. In-office visits also include listening to your baby’s heart beat and checking your vital signs.

Plan the perfect pregnancy for only: Starting at 450$, for your personal quote please contact us (prices vary according to how far along you are).

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Our services may be covered by your insurer and your employer health account, please contact us for more information. All of our prices are taxe free, and are taxe deductible at the end of the year.