The Most Affordable Service Out There

Most breastfeeding and sleep consultants out there are very expensive. On top of that, most are not covered by your insurance.

At BeBaby, we are different. As a company whom only offers care by healthcare professionals, our services are covered by many insurance compagnies under Nursing Services. Did you know that most insurances come with 10 000$ or more in nursing care coverage?

Many employers these days offer health accounts ranging from 500$ a year to more than 5000$ a year. You might even have one but not even know. BeBaby services are covered under health accounts. That’s right: you can get the help you need for free.

Because our services are offered by nurses, all of our packages are TAXE FREE. Not only that, but during your end of year taxes, your BeBaby services are taxe deductible! With many of us paying 30% or 40% in income taxes every year, you can expect a return of just as much on any BeBaby service!

Our combined packages, such as Happy Mommy, Happy Baby, allow you to access expert consulting in breastfeeding and sleep training for half the cost!

Getting the support you need as new parents, has never been so affordable.

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